You Saw Me?

In You Saw Me?, Lowe addresses the contemporary nature of personal relations mediated by social media and technology such as Facebook. In particular, the work explores the ways in which the personal self is constructed through the public performance of posting thoughts, events, and photos to a network of people. As Lowe writes, You Saw Me? “takes the Facebook status update of participants from its original context and places it in a representative role of Facebook culture, language and syntax where one’s status serves as affirmation and disclosure. It is the desire for acknowledgment through communication to one’s friends and functions as a fleeting representation of the self in a moment of time.” In this way, Lowe recontextualizes and publicizes users “status updates” in order to challenge the ideas of privacy and sharing of personal information.

Client:Melanie Lowe, You Saw Me?, 2008. New media database projection. In the exhibition, “Cake on the Icing,” curated by Shaun Dacey, InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, Toronto. Image courtesy of the artist. ©Melanie Lowe.
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