X-Rays Series

Kate McQuillen’s monoprint series X-Rays features scanned prints, reminiscent of security body scans, of various feminine undergarments concealing what appears to be weapons as depicted in Boxcutter III. However, despite their appearance, in actuality the weapons embedded within the images are harmless paper cut-outs. McQuillen addresses how security procedures, such as body scans, can often yield misleading results and leave innocent citizens feeling as through they are being treated like suspects. As well, the feminine lingerie garments allude to the often invasive nature of surveillance tactics and the intimate look the government has into people’s private lives. This series of work was included in McQuillen’s solo exhibition “Backscatter (an exploration of surveillance in the wake of 9-11)” at the O’Born Contemporary Gallery in Toronto, Ontario (2013).

Client:Kate McQuillen, Boxcutter III from The X-rays Series, 2013. Pressure Monoprint on Rives BFK, 30" x 22." Photo documentation by Stephen DeSantis. Image courtesy of the artist. © Kate McQuillen.
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