Rupture is a video piece that juxtaposes the blurring of both photographic images and wireless technologies. To do this, Koroshegyi uses a flatbed scanner to closely trace photographs of artificial flowers. To further manipulate the resulting images, the artist uses FBI-developed surveillance software named Carnivore—which is the same program used to track “terrorists” and relies on the signals of local internet traffic—to guide the trajectory of the camera over the photographs. In his own words, “Rupture, through the interplay of the moving and static image, unsettles the focus: no longer can the eye contemplate the depth of the painterly photographs or try to discern the shapes beneath the pixilated blurs. Instead, the invisible blur of information is made visible through volatile camera movements that force the viewer’s eye to shift strangely across the screen: perception flounders, inundated by technology and artifice.”

Client:Arnold Koroshegyi, Rupture, 2008. Photograph by Paul Litherland. Image courtesy of the artist. © Arnold Koroshegyi.
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