Meta Incognita: Summer Variations

Meta Incognita is a time-lapsed video that consists of over 500 images taken from a public weather webcam located in Kimmirut on Baffin Island. In the piece, Tremblay selects a variety of representations of the landscape captured automatically by the webcam, then recontextualizes them into a video cycle that gives motion and movement to the weather cycles of the images. Meta Incognita uses the weather webcam to question automated surveillance technologies in relation to time, landscape, and the documentary genre. The piece was exhibited by The Photographers’ Gallery (London, UK) from 14 September – 10 October 2012.

This piece is part of a larger collaborative project entitled Nunavut Lights that explores representations and visualizations of the photographic archive. With artists David Bouchard and Bruno Lessard, and composer Alex Geddie, Tremblay has worked on other incarnations of the Meta Incognita project, including Meta Incognita—Variations Estivales (2011) and Meta Incognita: Summer Variations (2012). You can find more information about these pieces at the Nunavut Lights website,

Client:Pierre Tremblay (with artists David Bouchard and Bruno Lessard, audio composer Alex Geddie), Meta Incognita: Summer Variations, 2010. Video installation. Kimmirut, Baffin Island, Canada. Image courtesy of the artist. © Pierre Tremblay.
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