Cyber-Surveillance in Everyday Life: An Art Exhibition

From the exhibition’s publicity release: “Cyber-Surveillance in Everyday Life is organized in conjunction with the international workshop of the same name, taking place at the University of Toronto from 12-15 May 2011. The exhibition explores a number of the workshop’s central themes, such as the intersections between surveillance and social networking, identity and anonymity, and monitoring techniques. The five works brought together in Cyber-Surveillance in Everyday Life address the ubiquitous and distributed nature of surveillance.”

Artists and artworks:

  • David Bouchard, Bruno Lessard, and Pierre Tremblay, Meta Incognita – variations estivales, time-lapse video and soundtrack.
  • Derek Dunlop, A Lover’s Geography, photographs.
  • Kristen Atkins, Portrayal Portal, installation with laptop and data projection.
  • Jon Rafman, The Nine Eyes of Google Street View, screen captures of Google Street View.
  • Tomer Diamant and Mathew Hannam, Comment/Like – Code of Quick Response, installation.